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Indiemustache is horny. And the mustache wants to fuck, so the solution was laying in front of some itchy hairs. Play that fucking tune and hit the road.

 A 23 year old student from Athens, Greece. At the age of 5 she started playing the piano and at 10 she bought her first guitar. A little later, she joined an orchestra in order to take saxophone lessons that lasted 5 years. She can also play some accordion and drums. She used to be a member of her brother’s band “Serpentine” where she did some basic vocals and played the electric guitar. A year later, she came to Athens to study mathematics and started recording some songs in her computer. At the same time, she became a member of “Relevant Box” where she played the saxophone and did backing vocals. In the summer of 2005, she recorded some stuff for “My Wet Calvin” and in February she recorded a saxophone piece for the band “MENTA”. Her first single “Over the Hill” was released in early May 2008 and her debut album “Avatar” in the 19th of the same month. (lastfm)

Yes i Do – a track of her new album EXIT, released 12-05-2010

Daydream, I fell asleep amid the flowers,
for a couple of hours, on a beautiful day.

This was definitely one of  indiemustache’s favorite tracks of 00’s, and this remix re-define the tune in a summer manner .

Like ittttt

Released in 2004, this flashback tune was my morning’s soundtrack today.


Well the *Bible tells us about a man
Who ruled Babylon and all it’s land
Around the city he built a wall
And declared that Babylon would never fall

Indiemustache .

Released March 2010,  Smokey bandits – Debut is the first album of this Greek Band, its something between a western spaghetti, a tarantino film, a godfather 4th movie never published.

it feels like you’re a music Bandit). So this is the beginning in a long-distance trip, the “Debut”, an album with no genre or style cause it’s a new style on it’s own! Wicked, honest and true music for everybody……(from the press release)